Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Success Formula

Do you believe it?
There is a formula to achieve success.

A success coach told me this formula:


To be a millionaire,
You must think like a millionaire, fell like a millionaire felt, and do what a millionaire do.

Think like a millionaire
Usually they have goals. A Goal make you move to a destination. It will focus and direct your energy and effort to be a millionaire.
You can see how to make a super goal in my other post: ‘Goal Setting’.
Millionaires also have certain traits. These traits form by principles they hold. These become fundamental in decision making. You can find these principles in this blog.

Fell like a millionaire felt
Be confident, brave, dare to take action, commitment and responsible for your own life.
To have this kind of traits, you can see posts: ‘How can you have a strong and positive believes’.

Act: do what a millionaire do.
There is millions way to be a millionaire. First you must choose what kind of millionaire you want to be, and then you must choose what millionaire’s route you want to take.
There are slow route and fast route.
Slow route explain in post: ‘A sure way to wealth’.
Fast route explain in post: ‘4 great ways to wealth’.

I hope these posts will help you go to a better life.
God bless you

How to build business without much money

Yes!!! We can do business without big asset for the start.
Just be creative and you find the way.

This is few of them:

# Become a broker or an agent

Broker job is to sell something to a customer. It’s just like a sales man, but with more advantages. First, you can decide how hard and how long you want to work. Just like a businessman. You set your own goals. Make your own relationship and ways to do business.
Another advantage is usually you will be given a proven system, mentors, trainings and tools to make your success faster and easier. This will greatly reduce your risk; moreover we are beginner in this field. In some field, you even have an office that you can use, with free phone calls. ^_^

You can be a real estate broker, an insurance agent, a car salesman, a free lance marketing agent, or you can joint an MLM company.

One of my friends told me a story how his client went from zero to a millionaire (in Rupiah) in a year. He said, that his client told by an owner of national company that he need shipping for his commodity. So he arranged with another national shipping company to do that. He make an arrangement that particular order must through his company (he made the company after the deal was settle, and with borrowed money from his friend too). He will get 10% from the shipping cost. The value is 10 million rupiah, for one year contract.
Hmm… Nice.

# Build your business plan and find Investor

This sound obvious but true…
If you can come up with a good idea and a great plan, you might be just one more step to become a millionaire.
Of course, you have to give time, effort, and skill to make your business work. Credibility and past performance will be count here.
You can offer 30 – 70 split of profits... Not bad for non-cash business (at least from your part).
You also can ask your parents, sibling, relatives, or friends to help you with start-up capital. But be careful. You can hurt your relationship with them if something bad happen in your business.

# Work in some company first
Learn the knowledge and the skills. Find useful contacts, and save some money. Then when you ready, you can ask your boss to open a branch office with you as the leader and a share of profit or stock-option employee program.
If your boss doesn’t like it, you can build your own company. Or even better, you can be a supplier to your ex-company (your boss should like this idea better).

There are literally hundred of ways to build your own business.
Like the wise man said: “When there is a WILL, there is a Way.”

Good luck.
God bless you…

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Start Up Cost

This is costs you must take into consideration when you open up a new small business

License fee
Funiture and fixture
Interior and Exterior decoration
Inventory (first stock)
Tools and machines
Few month salaries
Few month overhead cost (electricity, water, and phone)
Cash reserve
Marketing and Advertising

Make sure every thing is LOW COST.
This means stuff you buy is cheap compare to its value. It may be a small number in dollar, but it also can big in number. Just make sure you get a good price for every thing you buy.

Success is on your way…

Small Office Equipment

If you consider to open a small office at your home (or any where you like), this is a list that can help you.

* Table (big enough to place your stuff and still be able to write)
* Chair (a comfort one)
* Computer (this is a must)
* Copier/ Printer/ Scanner/ Fax (all in one is preferable)
* Two line phone (and the phone)
* Answering Machine
* File Cabinet
* Book shelves (make this one big, one wall if you can afford)

And don’t forget
* Electricity
* Internet connection
* Ventilation or Air Conditioner
* A good source of light

You can add a sofa and coffee table for unofficial meeting too

Make this whole place an imitation of YOU. So you can work comfortably and make money easily (Lots of them, I hope).

Have a nice Work… ^_^