Monday, July 30, 2007

Good education will give you good income

Here is a connection between education and someone income in average.

High School = 26,505
Some College = 31,054
College Graduate = 49,303
Bachelor's Degree = 43,143
Master's Degree = 52,390
Doctorate Degree = 70,853

You can see when you have better education, you will have more money.
But the best education to have much money is the education of money it self.

Education is very important. This is no.1 leverage that we can have.
Learn to earn money. Learn to make business, a profitable and systemize business. Learn to invest in profitable vehicle.

Have a great income, and enjoy the good life!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


May be the most hard part in this millionaire journey… is Loneliness.

When your family don’t understand what you are doing. An even talks you out of it. You fell that you walking alone…
Feel likes no body to thrust, no body to share…

My dear friend said, it because we swim in different pool. Or you can say, talk from different perspective…

It had been 2 years now…

After so many books and seminars, no real result yet, but obviously already start disagreement between me and my family.

Being millionaire involves many fearful things, such as lend money from bank. This is a good leverage, and a must way to be millionaire in faster way. As a booster to propel your financial shuttle to the orbit of financial freedom.
But my family is very scared even to discuss about this topic, moreover learn about this.
Also about high return of investment… although there many scam out there, but there is true high return you can get and in perfectly save vehicle too.
They said “If this is so good, why all people don’t be doing this and get rich”. I think it’s quite funny… because not all people know and even they know, a lot of them don’t want to learn, for various reasons (just like them).

Please, don’t get me wrong…
I love my family. They are good and loving people. Just don’t see money the way I see it.
This is just a story that I want to share with my friends.

Hope you all have courage to take the journey…
No Sacrifice, No Glory.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top TEN list of billionaires according to Forbes

1. Bill Gates with Net Worth US$ 56 billion. Because of Microsoft, come from United states.
2. Carlos Slim Helu with Net Worth US$ 53.1 billion. Because of Telmex, America Movil, Grupo Carso, come from Mexico.
3. Warren Buffet with Net Worth US$ 52.4 billion. Because of Berkshire Hathaway, come from United states.
4. Ingvar Kamprad with Net Worth US$ 33 billion. Because of IKEA, come from Sweden.
5. Lakshmi Mittal with Net Worth US$ 32 billion. Because of Arcelor Mittal, come from India.
6. Sheldon Adelson with Net Worth US$ 26.5 billion. Because of Las Vegas Sand, come from United states.
7. Bernard Arnault with Net Worth US$ 26 billion. Because of Louis Vuitton, come from France.
8. Amancio Ortega with Net Worth US$ 24 billion. Because of Inditex Group, come from Spain.
9. Li Ka-Shing with Net Worth US$ 23 billion. Because of Cheung Kong Holdings, Hutchinson Whampoa, come from Hongkong.
10. David Thompson with Net Worth US$ 22 billion. Because of Thompson Corporation, come from Canada.

Millionaire can come from many background, many business, many way, many places, many colour, and many possibilities.
Which one is yours?

Have a great life

Friday, July 13, 2007

Let's Struggle

I want to share to all my readers what I have been through.
I cannot pretend that I am strong all the time, and all my effort is paid handsomely. In most cases, it’s not.

Just recently my parents turn down my proposition to own a property.
A positively geared property, this is rare in nature. A 2, 5 floor with 11 bedrooms. Just need a little renovation on paint and bathroom. Abracadabra… just like new.

A positively geared property means that the land value grows quite good over the time and the building give you a high return every month. Usually it's one or another, either it give you capital gain or monthly income. But this one can give you both. In Indonesia, they call it “kos”, rooms are rented by many people in the same house. Need a little more management, but it’s income can cover your mortgage. House paid by your tenant, and after 15 years you will own it free and clear.
Not Bad…

But finally I have to let it go. Since I don’t qualified to get financing from the bank (yet), and my father wont let me use his name… (He even don’t want me to enter property investment, at least for now)

One principle they taught me is “If you don’t have it, you can borrow it”.
The only problem is no body want to lend me the access to financing.


I take this as a learning experience…
Even at that time, it hurt my feeling, ego, and motivation.
But I think ‘My Time’ is yet to come….

So for reader out there who struggle to make their first attempt to become millionaire in fast way….
Again and again,
Cause some day… that time will come. Just don’t give up.