Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How can you have a strong and positive believes (5)

Pray with Faith

This is one of the greatest forces on earth.
When you pray, you tap into the abundant.
The whole universe makes a plot to see you succeed.

The best pray to make you believe you can succeed is giving thanks.
We give thanks that what we want is already happening.

Before praying, we imagine what we want in detail. We experience when we get what we want. We hear sounds, praises, and words in great joy. We smell it and taste it. Then… we give thanks with all our heart to God and we promise that we will make it useful to many people too.

A word of caution in this one…
Use this tool with sincere approach. Consider your self as a servant.
Don’t fool God, He knows.

I hope abundant come to your life.
A prosperous life... for you and your family

Have a great life.

How can you have a strong and positive believes (4)


Put pictures, photos, or big words about things we want to achieve.
We can also put motivating word to inspire us.
We imagine our goals continously.

This is a way to keep our RAS activated.

If you have a hard time to visualise your dreams, you can do test drive cars you wanted, or you can visit houses that you dream off.

This is one of my favorite part…
Day Dreaming…

How can you have a strong and positive believes (3)

To have one, you also must have a good reason.
You must know why you can believe it.
This will be a strong foundation when bad time comes.

Statement: “I know I can succeed!”

“How do I know I can succeed?”

The answers can be:
= Because I know how to do it, that is learn and cooperate with the successful one.
= Because I am a person who willing to learn and take action. I am strong and I have succeeded many times before.
= If others can do it, I can do it too.
= I believe God want me to succeed, and He gave everything I need to succeed. And in trouble times, God will help me.

Answering that kind of question with logical answer is an easy way to guide our subconscious mind believes that we are capable to reach our finish line.

Be Courageous!

How can you have a strong and positive believes (2)

This is another way:


Say a mantra to make you wealthty.
Say it with all your emotion and add it with physical motion. Repeated it many times, over and over again, every day, until you succeed.

Strong believes will bring you Luck.
Or at least, it gives you courage and makes you take action to achieve your goal.
So: Do Incantation.

This is some examples:
* What ever happen, I will grow stronger and achieve my goal.
* Every storm will pass, and I will succeed, no matter what.
* There are no failure, there only be success or learning experience. If I am not succeeding, then I must learn more. If I learn, I am surely succeeded.
* I am strong, confident, wise, and wealthy person.
* I can do it if I want it. And I have a great ‘want’ to do it.

What is your incantation?
Tell me about it.

I sure that you can have a great and wealthy life…
ENJOY… ^_^

Monday, November 12, 2007

How can you have a strong and positive believes (1)

This is one way:

Rearrange your statement about money and wealth consciously.

Most of us learn about money when we are small and live in our father’s house.
We see how our parent reacts to money problem. We copy their behavior. We appreciate what they appreciate, and hate what they hate. It can be in verbal form (a statement or a story), but more often in body language form (we see them despise or love something).

Now after we can take responsibility of our own life, we can make how WE are going to react about money and wealth.
Now, we decide what best for our life.

First, list all of your believes about money and wealth.
Then, change all believes that not support you to be wealthy.
After that, every time your old believes come out, rejected it and say your new believes.


Bad believe:
“Money is root of all evil”.
Wealthy believe:
“Love of money is root of all evil. With money, I can support my family well. Many problems rise because lack of money. And lack of money makes people fight each other”.

Bad believe”
“It is hard to find money. It takes a lot hard work. I’ll never be rich. I have no talent”.
Wealthy believe:
“Money is easy to find to those know how to find it. I have to find a smart and easy way to wealth. Yes, it also takes hard work, but hard work is fun. I love hard work; it makes my body, mind, and soul healthy and prosperous”.
“God wants me to be Rich. He provides me with everything I need. I am His ambassador in this world. To make this world a better place and help other people. And that needs a lot of money”.

Bad believe:
“Money isn’t everything. Money can’t buy sleep or love”.
Wealthy believe:
“Money isn’t everything, true, but everything needs money. Money can’t buy sleep, true, but my sleep is better with cozy bed and nice bedroom. Money can’t buy love, true, but I can express a better love with my money, and it will make my love life very beautiful”.

Bad believe:
“You don’t bring your money when you are dead. Why do you work so hard, just so other people can enjoy your money?”
Wealthy believe:
“It’s true that you don’t bring your money to the grave. But with the right medication I can avoid sickness and death, which needs a lot of money. Mean while, as I live, I want to live happy, joyful, and satisfied. And when I have to leave this world, I want to leave a good heritage that will bless my sons and grandsons, and so they can enjoy a good live too.

Bad believe:
“Rich people are stingy, evil, and have unhappy life”.
Wealthy believe:
“Those are stupid rich people. There are many happy rich people. And it’s better to be rich and unhappy then poor but also unhappy. When I am rich, I will make more donation and contribution to human kind”. (Bill Gates gives US$1 million to AIDS research, so our brother and sister can have a cure, and that is a lot of money).

Now it’s your turn….
List all of your believe then smash it with a new one.
And this will lead you to millionaire’s path