Saturday, January 12, 2008

Success in Service Business

In Service Industry, successful business has some common traits.
Those traits are “They Are Efficient, Fast, Affordable and Customer Oriented Services”.

To make this happen, you can do:

1. Systemize every thing in your business.
Make regulations for all things: acceptable and unacceptable behavior, all routine task, how to handle certain condition, meetings, monitoring, responsibility line, schedule, and customer input.
Use computer to make Database, Sales, Purchasing, and Stock Management.

2. Train your staff.
Tell them about your business. It’s Vision, Mission, and Culture. How to do their job and expected outcomes. Use personality profile to understand their self and other people. Train them how to handle customer and what to do when some customer complaint.

3. Develop good Communication and Team Work.
Develop your communication channel, either it through email or just yelling across the room. Make common goals, that will fire them up and make sure its get done. Build a social gathering among your team member.

4. Good Reward and Punishment scheme
Make sure they know their job’s KPI (Key Performance Index). Link their bonuses to those KPI’s. Include customer satisfaction into it and give them certain level of authority to solve customer problems. Reward them not only with monetary, but also a token of appreciation and words of praise.
Train your underperformer team member (who don’t accomplish their KPI’s well). If it doesn’t work, make sure they leave the “Bus”. They have a better place out there than here with you.

Good Luck Friends…
Hope good results in your business.
God Speed…


Places for your image

There are many ways to put your name and your logo. And here are some places you must consider...

Letter Head
Name Card
Plastic Bag
Bill Board
Web Site

Put your Name, Logo, and your Motto in these places. Don’t forget to put your address, telephone number, fax number, and Email or web site.

Design it well, because this will be your representative Image to your customer.

Good luck…

Why good people don’t get rich?

Because you have to be a “Great” people before you get rich. ^_^

Here’s a list of some reasons why many people don’t get rich:
= Wrong believes about money and wealth
= Didn’t make a goal to be rich
= Make unspecific and unclear goals
= Considering his (her) goal as ‘impossible to achieve’
= Feel that you don’t have to be rich
= Don’t have a proven strategy
= Didn’t know the least resistance path to wealth
= Don’t have a SMART plan
= Didn’t act according to plan
= Didn’t do monitoring and adjustment
= Put responsibility to some one else
= Give up easily
= Didn’t manage life as a business that have to make value and profit
= Influenced greatly by other people opinion
= Don’t have a credible Mentor

Take time to muse over these points.
May be you’ll find something that can help you accelerate your wealth.

Happy musing….

How to tease your customer?

You must remember that there must be a NEED first.
You cannot sell a product or service that no body need.

There are 2 basic human needs… it is to have pleasure and avoid pain.
This is a big secret… if you understand and able to use this two factor in your marketing campaign, you can be millionaire.
So our product must be able to give pleasure and/or omit pain from our customer life…

And there are 6 modern human needs…have safety or have variety, be similar or unique, to contribute, or to grow.

To be able to tease our consumer, we must put solution for one of these needs in our product. Because our product fill their need, they will remember, than seek our product. And, hopefully, buy our product.


Tease me or I kill you…

While I am no marketing expert, I have my own opinion about advertising.

In this consumer world today, we face many chalenges in business, where goods are produce more than consumtion. This means more choise for the customer and more competition for the business. Effort must be made to ensure that customer choose our good. This will make money come to our pocket (this is very important). Without income and profit, our business die… It is that simple.

For many business, advertising is blood supply for the live of business. Advertising give us customers to support the business.

So advertising must be able to attract customers. And to attract people it must be something different from every day life, but not unnatural.

Recently there is an ad in my national tv. A bank give cars for you if you open an account. This a reguler strategy, but they make the ad similar like headline news. It said “ A car landed on roof top. What happen?” This is new in our advertising history. So many people look at it anxiously looking forward to know what really happening. Next week, the ad tell us that it caused by a typhoon of gift from that bank. And the lucky winner can have that car.
Now days… people may consider open an account in that bank. Not like just any ad from other bank, this one tease a person mind to remember their promotion (even the same and bigger promotion already used).

So the bottom line about advertising is you have to be able to tease your consumer to buy your goods or they will kill your product in their mind.

The best marketing strategy

The best marketing strategy is the one that give YOU most profit with least cost.

Not a single strategy can claim that it is the only strategy you’ll ever need.
If some one told you that, you can be sure that he is only after your money.

There are many strategies and many management styles. Each strategy suit certain industry and in certain period. What best for certain business may be not good for your business. We have to look from many aspects if we going to use certain strategy, especially from customer point of view.

Example: In finance industry (for car or motor), a big discount for dealer will give you a business. But for well establish cosmetic business, a big discount will make your customer wandering if you already run out customer, and if it is because people don’t like your product anymore.

Know a lot of strategies give you tools to use at different situation, life many type of knife for a chef. But you also have to master certain strategy that work for your business.
A good example is like porcupine. It masters one good defence that makes a fierce fox avoid eating it. When ever danger come to it ways, it just roll it bodies and stand it thorns. And this strategy works every time for the porcupine.

So master your own strategy… uses it, and uses it again, to bring success into your business.

Have a good day!!!

Ps: if you want to know strategies you can use, you can see

The Richest Man In Babylon

An all time classic on wealth creation...

This has to be one of the all time greatest books in understanding how to create and grow your financial wealth. Written in 1926! The principles are as valuable today as the were then. A definate classic for the bookshelf.

It is written as a parable of ancient times. George S. Clason successfully guides the reader through the fundamentals of building your success.

Key Concepts:

1. Money is the medium by which earthly success is measured.

2. Money makes possible the enjoyment of the best the earth affords

3. Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws
which govern its acquisition

4. Money is governed today by the same laws which controlled it when
prosperous men thronged the streets of Babylon, six thousand years ago

5. Wealth is power. With wealth many things are possible

6. A part of all You earned is yours to keep – Save 1/10th

7. Learn to live upon less than you earn. Next you learn to seek advice
from those who are competent through their own experiences to give it.
Lastly, you learn to make money work for you

8. Wealth grows wherever men exert energy.

9. 7 Cures for a lean purse –
a. Start thy purse to fattening (earn 10, spend 9)
b. Control thy expenditures
c. Make thy gold multiply (take the money you have saved and
wisely consider means to put the money to work
d. Guard thy treasures from loss
e. Make you dwelling a profitable investment
f. Insure a future income
g. Increase you ability to earn

10. Men of Action are favoured by the Goddess of Good Luck

11. A man’s wealth is not in the coins he carries in his purse; it is the income
he builds and the stream that continually flows.

12. Do not purchase what you are unable to pay for.

13. To attract good luck to oneself it is necessary to take advantage of

14. The five laws of gold
a. Gold will come to men who will put not less than 1/10th of
his earnings to create an estate
b. Gold will work for those who put it to work
c. Gold stays with the protection of a cautious owner and
invests it wisely
d. Gold slips away from the man who invests it in businesses or
purposes with which he is not familiar or proven
e. Gold slips away from the man who would force it to
impossible earnings or who follows tricksters
15. Good luck waits to come to that man who accepts opportunity

16. Better a little caution that a great regret

I get it from

you should check this one...

it's good.

The power of compounding interest

So you want to be rich?

This power can help you achieve your goal.

If you save $100 a month, then after 30 years with…

0% yield, it will become $36.000
5% yield, it will become $83.573
10% yield, it will become $227.933
15% yield, it will become $700.982
20% yield, it will become $2.336.080

Not bad, right?