Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GOAL Setting (5)

This post is design to explore your self even deeper.
These questions are related to you: Passion, Values, Talent, and Destiny.


(What do you like to do?)

What activities give you satisfaction?
What are interesting about life?
What are your secret ambitions?
What are your hobbies?

(What is important?)

What will you do, if money is not an issue?
What do you keep? What do you throw?
What are you willing to sacrifice?
If you only have 5 more years to live, what are you going to finished?
What principles those guide you everyday?

(What is good from you?)

What other people say that you good at?
When did you in abundant?
What do you did then?
In what area have you succeeded?
What are your short comings?


(What you are born to do?)

What is your special mission?
What does God want you to do in your life?
What are special chances that you have in your life?
Where can you make a difference?
What things are you consider as your fortune?

To get the most advantage from these posts is:

Stop reading NOW!
Get a pen and papers. Write your answers on those questions.
Prioritize it. Put rank 1 to 5 for the most to the least.
Do it with ease and joyful heart. Tell you’re self:”This is my favorite part”.
Write you self analysis, your goals and their deadline.
Make a conclusion: What can you do start from tomorrow!

Have a joyful life…
It is God blessing!

GOAL Setting (4)

This post is design to help you find your most favorable job and generate the income you want in previous post.

Answer these questions:

What do you like to do?

What bring joy to your life?

If you know that you will definitely succeed and impossible to fail, what are you going to do?

What do you want to feel, see, and hear from your self?

Do these exercise in a relax situation. List as many as you can.
Know your self is one of the best uses of time.

Next post will go deeper…

Don’t miss it.

GOAL Setting (3)

This post is design to find out what you really want and how can achieve it.

Answer these questions:

* What do you want to be?
(What expertise do you want to have? What identity do you want? What kind of person you want to be remembered?)

* What do you want to do?
(What do you want to learn? To Who? Where do you want to go? With whom? How long?)

* What do you want to have?
(What kind of house? Where? How big? What facilities? What car do you want to have? What kind of friends do you want?)

Write beside every goal: When do you want to achieve it?
(One year? two years? Ten years?)

Calculate how much money needed to achieve those dreams.
Write as detail as you can.

When do you will have that much income?

Also write how much passive income do you want to have, and when will you have it?
Cause a good way to buy those things is just from your investment’s interest (not from your investment capital).

Next post will help you find your unique way to achieve these goals.
It will unlock your true potential in this great life.
Don’t miss it.

GOAL Setting (2)

Today will talk about 3 principles to make a GOAL.

A Goal must be Specific.

If you say “I just want to be rich”, then you won’t achieve anything. Because being rich is all about point of view. Some one consider having $100 in his pocket to be the richest day in his life, other consider having $100.000 in his bank account worth nothing.
If you say “I want to be richer”, then when I give you a dollar, you will be richer than yesterday [Mission accomplished (^_^)]

Make very clear what you want and when you want to have it.
Cause: Clarity is Power.

A Goal must be form in positive words.

Just for your information: Our subconscious mind don’t know negative words.
It just realizing thought that dominate our mind.
If you say “I don’t want to be poor”, our mind catches the grand word: POOR. And the thing we want to avoid is what happening to us.

A little demonstration: “Right now, I don’t want you to imagine a blue elephant!”
And your imagination is …
Get the point?

So form your goal in positive words.
And to make it even better, Write it with positive emotion and as if you already achieve it.
Example: “With joy and gladness, I (your name) already have $1 million, since (the date you want to have it).

A Goal must be Written

In 1954, Yale University makes a research to their graduation on who already have written goals. There only 3 % who did it. Twenty years later, they continue the research. The result is very interesting. That 3% who write their goals, have more net worth than 97% combined. Wow… that’s powerful.

When we write our goals, it makes clear to our mind that we are serious. We will activate RAS (Reticular Active System) in our brain. RAS is like a device in missile that will chase target and make a correction step until it hit the target.

Have you write you goals?

Our next post will be guidance to make your perfect goal.

GOAL Setting (1)

Why and how to set a clear and solid goal.

Having a goal is a first step to achieve something.

This is another reason why people get (or don’t get) rich.

People who are rich always have a goal to become and stay rich.
This is a climbing activity. The higher you climb, the richer you become.

In my old post I include reasons why many people fail to be rich.
Here I include some that connected to our discussion.

Didn’t make a goal to be rich
Make unspecific and unclear goals

Goal will make you focus. Goal will direct your activity. Goal will increase your productivity. Goal will make you stay on your path to richness.

Great Principles in Goal Setting:
It must be specific, in positive words, and written.

In our next post, we will dig more about these great principles

Have nice days…