Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why good people don’t get rich?

Because you have to be a “Great” people before you get rich. ^_^

Here’s a list of some reasons why many people don’t get rich:
= Wrong believes about money and wealth
= Didn’t make a goal to be rich
= Make unspecific and unclear goals
= Considering his (her) goal as ‘impossible to achieve’
= Feel that you don’t have to be rich
= Don’t have a proven strategy
= Didn’t know the least resistance path to wealth
= Don’t have a SMART plan
= Didn’t act according to plan
= Didn’t do monitoring and adjustment
= Put responsibility to some one else
= Give up easily
= Didn’t manage life as a business that have to make value and profit
= Influenced greatly by other people opinion
= Don’t have a credible Mentor

Take time to muse over these points.
May be you’ll find something that can help you accelerate your wealth.

Happy musing….