Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tease me or I kill you…

While I am no marketing expert, I have my own opinion about advertising.

In this consumer world today, we face many chalenges in business, where goods are produce more than consumtion. This means more choise for the customer and more competition for the business. Effort must be made to ensure that customer choose our good. This will make money come to our pocket (this is very important). Without income and profit, our business die… It is that simple.

For many business, advertising is blood supply for the live of business. Advertising give us customers to support the business.

So advertising must be able to attract customers. And to attract people it must be something different from every day life, but not unnatural.

Recently there is an ad in my national tv. A bank give cars for you if you open an account. This a reguler strategy, but they make the ad similar like headline news. It said “ A car landed on roof top. What happen?” This is new in our advertising history. So many people look at it anxiously looking forward to know what really happening. Next week, the ad tell us that it caused by a typhoon of gift from that bank. And the lucky winner can have that car.
Now days… people may consider open an account in that bank. Not like just any ad from other bank, this one tease a person mind to remember their promotion (even the same and bigger promotion already used).

So the bottom line about advertising is you have to be able to tease your consumer to buy your goods or they will kill your product in their mind.

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