Saturday, January 12, 2008

The best marketing strategy

The best marketing strategy is the one that give YOU most profit with least cost.

Not a single strategy can claim that it is the only strategy you’ll ever need.
If some one told you that, you can be sure that he is only after your money.

There are many strategies and many management styles. Each strategy suit certain industry and in certain period. What best for certain business may be not good for your business. We have to look from many aspects if we going to use certain strategy, especially from customer point of view.

Example: In finance industry (for car or motor), a big discount for dealer will give you a business. But for well establish cosmetic business, a big discount will make your customer wandering if you already run out customer, and if it is because people don’t like your product anymore.

Know a lot of strategies give you tools to use at different situation, life many type of knife for a chef. But you also have to master certain strategy that work for your business.
A good example is like porcupine. It masters one good defence that makes a fierce fox avoid eating it. When ever danger come to it ways, it just roll it bodies and stand it thorns. And this strategy works every time for the porcupine.

So master your own strategy… uses it, and uses it again, to bring success into your business.

Have a good day!!!

Ps: if you want to know strategies you can use, you can see

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