Saturday, January 12, 2008

Success in Service Business

In Service Industry, successful business has some common traits.
Those traits are “They Are Efficient, Fast, Affordable and Customer Oriented Services”.

To make this happen, you can do:

1. Systemize every thing in your business.
Make regulations for all things: acceptable and unacceptable behavior, all routine task, how to handle certain condition, meetings, monitoring, responsibility line, schedule, and customer input.
Use computer to make Database, Sales, Purchasing, and Stock Management.

2. Train your staff.
Tell them about your business. It’s Vision, Mission, and Culture. How to do their job and expected outcomes. Use personality profile to understand their self and other people. Train them how to handle customer and what to do when some customer complaint.

3. Develop good Communication and Team Work.
Develop your communication channel, either it through email or just yelling across the room. Make common goals, that will fire them up and make sure its get done. Build a social gathering among your team member.

4. Good Reward and Punishment scheme
Make sure they know their job’s KPI (Key Performance Index). Link their bonuses to those KPI’s. Include customer satisfaction into it and give them certain level of authority to solve customer problems. Reward them not only with monetary, but also a token of appreciation and words of praise.
Train your underperformer team member (who don’t accomplish their KPI’s well). If it doesn’t work, make sure they leave the “Bus”. They have a better place out there than here with you.

Good Luck Friends…
Hope good results in your business.
God Speed…


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